June 20, 1837

Queen Victoria’s Coronation

August 1, 1838

Slavery abolished in the British Empire

May 1, 1851

The Great Exhibition opens at the Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, London

March 28, 1854

Britain and France declare war on Russia and the Crimean War begins

May 10, 1857

Indian Uprising

August 2, 1858

Government of India Act establishes the British Raj

December 14, 1861

Victoria's husband, Prince Albert, dies (aged 42)

October 11, 1865

Morant Bay rebellion in Jamaica


British North America Act passes: Canada unites provinces and becomes a dominion

May 1, 1876

Victoria is declared Empress of India


First (Irish) Home Rule bill is rejected

June 20, 1887

Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee

January 24, 1888

Unveiling of statue of Queen Victoria in Sydney, Austrlia by Lord Charles Robert Carrington, Governor of New South Wales, and Lady Carrington

Unveiling by Lord Charles Robert Carrington, Governor of New South Wales, and Lady Carrington, on January 24, 1888

Sculptor: Joseph Edgar Boehm

June 22, 1897

Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee

October 10, 1899

Second Boer War begins in South Africa

January 22, 1901

Victoria dies and is succeeded by Edward VII

February 2, 1901

Queen Victoria's Funeral

March 1901

The statue of Queen Victoria in Hong Kong is crowned with mourning wreaths to commemorate her death

Sculptor: Mario Raggi


A polychrome plaster statue of Victoria is displayed in front of Kelvingrove Art Galleries at the International Exhibition in Glasgow

Sculptor: George Frampton

August 9, 1902

Coronation of King Edward VII

May 21, 1910

Edward VII dies and is succeeded by George V

June 22, 1911

Coronation of King George V

December 12, 1911

George V is crowned King Emperor at Delhi Durbar


First World War


Easter Rising in Dublin

ca. 1921

A statue of Queen Victoria installed in Victoria Memorial Hall in Kolkata, India 

Sculptor: Thomas Brock


Irish Free State established

May 24, ca. 1930

The statue of Queen Victoria in Sydney, Australia is decorated for Empire Day

Sculptor: Joseph Edgar Boehm


Second World War

July 1947

Indian Independence Act creates independent dominions of India and Pakistan

July 1948

The Queen Victoria monument is removed from Leinster House, Dublin, Ireland 

Sculptor: John Hughes

The statue of Queen Victoria in Georgetown, Guyana shows damage caused by dynamite explosions
Sculptor: Henry Richard Hope-Pinker